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Tipy na výletThe town of Třeboň is a perfect place for relaxation, spa and an active holiday. You can visit the historical centre of the town, relax in the spa or get on the bike and discover dozens of kilometers of bike and nature trails.

What to see in Třeboň:


Trail along the Golden Canal

The Golden Canal is a water canal in the Třeboň Basin which connects the fish ponds in this area. Built by Štěpán Netolický in 1506, it is a very important canal supplying water and oxygen to the local pond system and draining the excess water during fish harvest. It flows through the Prátr Game Preserve on the outskirts of Třeboň to the Opatovický Mill and further below the dam of the Opatovický Pond and into the Svět Pond. The Canal then flows through the town of Třeboň close to following monuments: the Castle, the Prince Brewery, the Gate of Jindřichův Hradec, medieval city walls, the Augustinian monastery, the Tyrš stadium and the Berta spa. After leaving Třeboň the Gold Canal flows through the so called Wet Meadows (Mokrá luka).

Educational Bike Trail "Around Třeboň"

39 km, 22 stops

This trail forms a circle in a beautiful landscape full of forests and ponds east of Třeboň. It runs along less busy asphalt roads and partly along forest paths and pond dams. Starting near the dam of the Svět pond, the trail continues along the dam of the Opatovický pond to a peat bog called Spálená borkovna (Burnt bark) where peat is being extracted for the spa. The trail then runs through a forest past a gamekeeper's lodge called Barbora, crosses the Golden Canal and continues to a dam between two ponds (Nový Kanclíř and Starý Kanclíř) and further to villages: Lutová (where it crosses the long-distance bike trail between Prague and Vienna), Stříbřec and Stará Hlína. Along the way, the trail crosses the Nová řeka river (a favourite fishing spot of the famous Czech opera singer Ema Destinová), runs past four smaller ponds (Vyšehrad, Starý Vdovec, Nový Vdovec and Vítek) towards the largest one, Rožmberk, past the village of Nová Hlína and back to Třeboň.

Nature Trail "Around the World"

12 km, 16 stops, for pedestrians

This nature trail forms a closed circle around the Svět ("World") Pond on the southwestern outskirts of Třeboň. The trail provides basic information about the development of the landscape in the Třeboň region as a result of a long-lasting, mutually beneficial co-existence of man with the surrounding nature, about the past and present of fish farming and spa culture, about folk architecture, major communities of organisms, characteristic plant species and basic ecological relationships in nature. The greater part of the trail runs along field and forest paths. There are numerous resting places along the way, many of which offer beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. You can also visit the Schwarzenberg Tomb on the south side of the Svět Pond.

Nature Trail "Rožmberk"

22 km, 12 stops, for pedestrians and cyclists

This nature trail begins and ends in Třeboň. Focusing on fish farming, the trail runs around the largest Czech pond called Rožmberk (current water area about 420 ha). The closest section of the dam is located approximately 4 km far from Třeboň. Rožmberk is in fact a reservoir on the Lužnice river retained by a huge two-stage dam. The dam is not only an impressive technical achievement but also an interesting natural site. It is covered with huge centennial oaks, building a home for many bird species. During winter Rožmberk becomes one of the most prominent places where sea eagles can be found. It is also possible to observe a large number of water birds, especially in autumn - ducks, geese, waders, herons and other birds.

Health Trail "Hrádeček"

3770 m, 12 stops

The trail runs through the pleasant surroundings of the locality called Mokrá luka ("Wet Meadows"), in close proximity to Třeboň. It forms a closed circle with a number of checkpoints and various exercises. It is equipped with wall bars, a sandpit, a rope ladder, a rope swing, a horizontal bar and other work-out tools. The exercises are described on information signs. It is possible to compare your fitness with the general population according to a manual.

National Nature Reserve and Nature Trail "Červené bláto"

4 km, 6 stops, for pedestrians

The reserve called Červené bláto ("Red Mud") is located at the border of the Třeboňsko Landscape Park in direction Nové Hrady. The trail begins in the village of Jiříkovo Údolí (about 17 km from Třeboň). Being of the most interesting nature reserves in the Czech Republic, it preserves perhaps the best known and best accessible peat bog in the region. A majority of the trail is paved, normal sports shoes are therefore sufficient. Natural attractions of the trail include bog pine and its hybrids, marsh Labrador tea, blueberries, bilberries and an abundance of butterflies and moths.

Recreational and Sport Fishing in the Třeboň Region

Enjoy a wide range of possibilities for sport fishing on the ponds of Třeboň. Angling visitors (sport fishing) do not need a fishing license and do not have to be organized. They only need an "permission to angle" which can be arranged on the spot. This simple of dealing with the necessary formalities is referred to as "Recreational fishing".

Pond System of Chlum

The ponds around the town of Chlum form one of many localities within the protected area of the Třeboňsko Landscape Park recommended to visitors interested in natural attractions but also to all those seeking relaxation in nature around Třeboň. The site is an extensive system of large ponds, separated from each other by narrow dams. There are a lot of islands on the ponds with rugged coast surrounded by old forests. The Pond System of Chlum is a valuable botanical and ornithological site. Big colonies of birds can be observed from the dams. The forest complex nearby is a nesting area for sea eagles.


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No need to drive! Třeboň is on the railway line No. 226 (between Veselí nad Lužnicí and České Velenice).
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